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Prayer Card Portraits

Occasionally I am asked by missionaries or other Christian people to make a photo portrait, either for their website or, often times, to go on a “Prayer Card” that they will have printed and take home and distribute to sponsors when they are speaking at churches or having information groups about what they do in… Read more about Prayer Card Portraits

Needs list, not in budget:

ASSORTED NEEDS here… if one touches your heart, please let me know! Good news, the truck repair was less than I thought and we paid in full, yaaa! NEWS FLASH:  Kaow is hoping to go to UNIVERSITY in June, after recently completing a two-year degree (see photos). BUT… we need to know soon if some… Read more about Needs list, not in budget:

DigitalMission Media

WELCOME to the new segment of this website: DigitalMission Media.  As of April 2018, I have combined my old DM website into a branch of The Next Step website. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the photos and sample videos located here. Contact me if you know someone I can help with Media in SE Asia! When I… Read more about DigitalMission Media

Media Training Sessions

Sometimes I have been asked to teach three days or a week of classes in Still Photography. (Some folks know that I was the Stills Photographer on the movie, “End of the Spear” and have seen the website for that. I plan to get a page on this Next Step website that shows some of… Read more about Media Training Sessions