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Ministry Photos

Here are some photos of assorted ministry projects. I love going to the mountain villages to visit the tribal people. Many missions and ministries in Chiang Mai seek to assist, evangelize, and teach the Akha, Karen, Lahu, Lisu, Hmong, and other minority tribal groups in Thailand. Sometimes I visit villages or churches to help mission… Read more about Ministry Photos

Visit Bob

THAILAND is always a top ten best tourist country in the world! And certainly when you factor in cost, you get more days or weeks for your money than many other places like Hawaii, the Caribbean, Japan, or anywhere in Europe. Most people who visit Thailand will go to 1) The turquoise islands and beaches of… Read more about Visit Bob

Media Training Sessions

Sometimes I have been asked to teach three days or a week of classes in Still Photography. (Some folks know that I was the Stills Photographer on the movie, “End of the Spear” and have seen the website for that. I plan to get a page on this Next Step website that shows some of… Read more about Media Training Sessions

Sample Video Projects

THREE SAMPLE VIDEOS: 1st for a Pastor/Missionary, 2nd for a rural Children’s Home, and 3rd for a Christian Summer Camp. All photos and video shot and edited by Robert Bowling. Several video projects cannot be shown online because they have dealt with Human Trafficking issues and are not allowed on the internet, only shown ‘live’ by… Read more about Sample Video Projects