WELCOME to the new segment of this website: DigitalMission Media.  As of April 2018, I have combined my old DM website into a branch of The Next Step website. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the photos and sample videos located here. Contact me if you know someone I can help with Media in SE Asia!

When I first took trips to Thailand (avg. 6-8 weeks) I did photo and video projects for Frontier Labourers for Christ mission group — first in 1990, and then in 2003, ’05, ’07, and ’09. Then in November 2009 I moved here and became their Media Director. I did that for two years and trained locals to do the media work, from planning to shooting to editing. I then left FLC to branch out to do freelance projects, all for free as a Media Missionary, to help other Christian groups and individuals. (And as you can see from The Next Step, I also wanted to do some ‘direct mission’ to help people here and God led me into that, too!) At some point I’ll put photos of the three years I spent helping a very poor dorm for Hmong tribal kids, three hours drive from Chiang Mai. Some of YOU helped with that improvement project and helped sponsor the three camps we did for Hmong and Akha youth.

But this DigitalMission section is all about MEDIA, with three sample videos, a page of portraits for missionaries, some of my favorite portraits of Thai and tribal people, an assortment of still photos I’ve taken in ministry settings, and also some pictures of me being “on the go” around northern Thailand. Any questions? Please contact me at the link below!