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Gorn finished year one at Payap!

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Gorn, 18, is Night’s cousin… [Night is now working in Korea, please pray for him!) so he is also of the Lahu tribe. He recently finished his first year of the “Mechanics” program at the technical-school branch of Payap University, a Christian based school here in Chiang Mai. Gorn is an enthusiastic young man and loves football/soccer. He is also a hard worker. He worked a lot last summer holiday and was able to buy a nifty new motorbike, a ‘retro-classic’ called The Legend. It is 150cc and is perfect for getting around Chiang Mai. (When driving around town here, I’d say there are equal amounts of motorbikes and cars/trucks!)

Another trait Gorn has is that he loves to shoot baskets on our hoop. But his ‘two-handed’ form is so funny!  I’m trying to teach him proper form, but it’s a challenge. Meanwhile, we’ll keep laughing and having fun. Currently it is summer holiday again and Gorn has been working with his parents weeding around coffee plants (farm work.) Last week was a water festival holiday called “Songkran” so there was no working. Now he is headed back to work in the fields and with the coffee crop. School will start again on May 23rd.

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