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Our NEW student, Kaow!

We welcome Kaow (Wanchai) to The Next Step ministry house. He is 20 years old, from the Hmong tribe, and his big news is that he just graduated from Payap Technology College where he studied computers! (I will be putting some of his graduation photos here soon.)

I am excited that he is from the Hmong tribe because I worked with Hmong kids for several years in Mae Chaem area, three hours west of Chiang Mai. He is not from that area, but we plan to go visit the Hmong villages… hopefully next week! (We went and had a great trip, Kaow was awesome in interpreting! Update coming soon.)

Kaow comes from a family with seven children and he is the second youngest. His parents can’t afford to help him, but an older brother gives him about $30 per month. Kaow’s goal and hope is to attend a University to continue his education. He may have to stay out of school and work for a year, or… maybe WE can raise some money to help him go to University this August?!! It is surprisingly cheap. Let me know if you feel led to help!


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