The Next Step Ministry House
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Ministry House Overview

The Next Step house is my house (Bob Bowling, now living in Chiang Mai) opened up for Young Adult tribal people to have a Christian home-like environment in which to live. Their normal choices are either to 1) remain at the high school dormitory program – often with grade school kids running around, too –  located out in the suburbs, far from University or work places, or 2) Live in small apartments in cheap areas of town known for partying, drugs, recreational sex… certainly not a ‘wholesome Christian environment.’

We have previously had up to six people here, and there are three right now:  Gorn, Petro, and Kaow (see Bio’s on other pages.) Wit is on our team, but doing a ‘year abroad’ at a university in China and will be back in July.

Our property is on one “Rai” of land, which is about a half acre. We have a four-bedroom house with a huge living room, wonderful front porch area and nice kitchen. We are also blessed to have a ‘cottage’ house that has two bedrooms (one is very large), each with it’s own bathroom. Right now the cottage is vacant and we are praying for who might live there next! Our rent is right at $600 a month for this (but we’ve put a lot of work into improving the place), and our internet and electric bills are very manageable, too. We thank God for this fantastic property and house to live in! And THANK YOU for donors who help our living and educational expenses!


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