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Needs list, not in budget:

ASSORTED NEEDS here… if one touches your heart, please let me know! Good news, the truck repair was less than I thought and we paid in full, yaaa!

NEWS FLASH:  Kaow is hoping to go to UNIVERSITY in June, after recently completing a two-year degree (see photos). BUT… we need to know soon if some people can SPONSOR HIM… this is not in our Next Step budget!!! We just need $400 to get him going, can you give $100, $200, $400? LET ME KNOW this week to pledge to this!

Neither Petro nor Kaow have a motorbike to get around so I just bought a used scooter for $375. Still need a sponsor for that. My truck INSURANCE is coming due soon: $300 for the year. I also need to get a full physical exam (I turned 60, yikes!), including assorted blood tests, also about $300. (Are you noticing things are cheaper here?! So thankful for that… but it’s still money that needs to come in.)

Another expense I will have in July is to return to USA for 2-3 months. Missionaries usually go on “Furlough” every 5-7 years, to get a break from the foreign country and to solidify contacts at home. (I’ve been here eight years.) I don’t want to take six months like many do, but I am thinking of taking up to three months instead of my usual 4-5 weeks. The main expense is buying the Airplane Ticket and that will be about $1350, RT. (Expenses at home aren’t too bad because my family and friends treat me soooo nice during my visits, thanks again to all of you!)

I need to buy a better camera for Still Photography. (My current model is great for video, so-so for stills.) My research points me to another Panasonic, this one is meant for crisp still photos, the brand new Lumix G9. The body is $1650 and a Leica zoom lens for it is $950… ouch! But it would be a ‘best camera’ for me to do what I do. And I would then have two Panasonic cameras with similar controls, buttons, and menus.  [This is a big-expense item… please join me in prayer that SOMEHOW I could get this camera. I need one that is better in low light and has sharper images.

THANK YOU for any folks who can give monthly to support our Next Step ministry house or sponsor special requests and surprise needs not in our budget! Please pray about these items and if the Lord points one out to help with — even if it’s not the full amount — please follow that lead and let me know. DONATION INFO AT BOTTOM, or email me at, THANK YOU!


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