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Petro registered for Tech College!

Petro has been with us since October 2017. He was in a Lahu dorm that was so poorly run it was shut down by the social welfare department. A teacher at his school (New Zealand friend of mine from church) knew about The Next Step house and now… he lives here! Petro’s mother died when he was a toddler and his father re-married and moved to the mountains of Burma/Myanmar. So Petro has been in children’s homes for quite a few years. He has an older sister (much older, 36) who lives in the same village that Sorn is from… but the families did not know each other.


Petro had a phone (they all do!), but it got smashed on the road, so we helped him buy a nice (mid-level) new one. During summer break he’s been working hard on a house construction project in our neighborhood and finished paying back the portion that he had borrowed in just two weeks; impressive! Petro will go to the Payap Technical College in May and study electronics. [Note: We just got him registered the other day and he picked up his uniforms and books!]



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