THREE SAMPLE VIDEOS: 1st for a Pastor/Missionary, 2nd for a rural Children’s Home, and 3rd for a Christian Summer Camp. All photos and video shot and edited by Robert Bowling. Several video projects cannot be shown online because they have dealt with Human Trafficking issues and are not allowed on the internet, only shown ‘live’ by speakers or pastors. But this is a good representation of my media work that is put on websites and also shown during support-raising trips during church services and information gatherings. A video link is also handy to put into e-newsletters!

Heart Ministries Asia:  Overview video to show the basics of the Mission work.


This video was done as a “Thank You” to USA folks who help sponsor these tribal kids.


This one is a few years back, but one of my favorites. An awesome camp for tribal kids, run by

a team of USA folks and hosted by a children’s home. (Modeled after a teen camp in Ohio!)