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Sorn is doing freelance video

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Sorn, 25, (Lahu tribe) is our oldest and longest-time resident and has recently moved out. He was at my house for over four years, all through his education at North Chiang Mai University. He has just finished his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Technology. In November he had a wonderful graduation ceremony (see photos.)

Sorn is in a music band as lead singer, writes songs, and has leaned to do video work, too. He is currently going “Freelance” video work for a music studio and has also done some projects for a Lahu Bible school.

The Big News lately is:  Sorn has gotten married (to a Christian Akha girl, Meeu) and…. they have both gone off to work in Korea! They just left last week and are now at a strawberry farm. Like Night and his brother Ley, they go to make 4x the money they could make in Thailand. Please pray for Sorn, Meeu, Night, and Ley!



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