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Visitors, Fellowship, and Activities

We’ve had lots of regular visitors at The Next Step ministry house the last two years. We love having ‘drop-ins’ for BBQ cookouts, soccer-watching, movies, or just eating dinner and talking. Both of Night’s older sisters, Fai and Sai come to visit and for now we let Fai have a room out in the cottage building where she stays on some weekends. Sai recently completed a YWAM “DTS” program and is now on staff with YWAM! (Other family members of the guys often turn up suddenly and are always welcome.)

Both Gorn and Night spent their high school years at a big Christian dorm called House of Blessing. Some of their buddies still live out there and have enjoyed visiting us for a less institutional hang-out… a warm and friendly HOME! The idea is to not only be a residence and home for these young adults, but to also truly be a ‘ministry house’ where friends are always welcome.

We try to have a Bible study, worship, and prayer every week.  We have a ‘dry-erase’ board with categories for PRAYER:  1) Our Next Step team, 2) Our Thailand friends and family, and 3) USA sponsors and prayer-partners who ask for prayer. Let us know how we can pray for YOU!

Our house is located just off the major highway that connects Chiang Mai to northern Thailand. And it runs straight into the heart of the city about 10km, 6 miles away. Our lease just went up a bit, but we renewed for another year because we love the house, the 1/2 acre property, and the great location…. thankful to the Lord for putting us here!


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